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This page has been provided as a service to all Hole webmasters. It contains invaluable tips, which when put into use, will help you and your site reach its fullest potential. You do not have to use these tips, nor are you obligated to sign my guestbook, to tell me you don't like them. These tips are only for people who want them. I've had more people say they appreciate this page than not, and that is why I am keeping it up. Now, on with the show.


There is a lack of originality in titles among Hole pages. Sites have been using remarkably similiar names. There are sites whose titles differ by as little as one two letter word. Also, don't name your site something that has already been done, but does not exist anymore, ie. Drownsoda, Petal Pink, Starbelly, etc. It's just lame. Do your homework. I can imagine, some names take a long time to think of, and I'm sure the original webmasters would not appreciate it. It's also confusing for other people. And if possible, don't even use a song lyric or title as your site name. It's over done.

Color Scheme/Graphics

I have noticed there is a surplus of violet Hole pages. Not to knock many beautiful violet Hole sites out there, but to new webmasters: your page does not have to be violet too. It's not a requirement in making a Hole page. I respect many violet sites, but unfortunately, due to all of the violet sites, they have become like an endless blur. You have the entire color spectrum to choose from. Choose an original color, you'd be surprised how well it makes your page stand out from the rest. And when choosing an original color, don't ever use one you've seen only once or twice, get a new one.

I realise that many people are not graphic saavy. I also realise that there are many helpful services out there willing to do the graphic work for your Hole site. More power to you, if that's the route you want to take. But I must warn you, sometimes these services exhibit limited creativity, and make graphics suitable only for themselves. Or make the pages they've helped look strikingly similiar to their own and each other. And consider this- since there are so many gazillions of Hole sites out there, is having your site done by someone else a worthwhile decision? Odds are you won't be adding anything particularly new and fabulous and webpages are much more rewarding when you do it yourself.


When starting a new Hole site, it is most wise to find a new, original font in your GRAPHICS. (When it comes to text, it doesn't matter since there are only about 3 everyone can see clearly anyway.) Not a font that you've seen on some other Hole site and think it would look pretty on yours, when the font is almost crucial to the look of the Hole site you have stolen it from. It's rather rude, and I think it qualifies as bad netiquette, although to the unthinking webmaster, it would seem perfectly innocent. (This is just like the violet page syndrome.) Some fonts are overused. Don't use them anymore. Be creative, having a good site, means having an original one. Don't be concerned with fitting in, because you will go unnoticed. If you want to be part of the community of sorts, you must be different.

Finally, I would like to mention Swearboy's Hole Webmaster font, it's a fabulous idea and creation, and it's beneficial to all sites... when used sparingly, with credit to its creator, Swearboy. He obviously put a lot into it, but overuse of the font is completely lazy and not to creative either.


This used to be the reason for starting a Hole site. Not to display your graphics. And as far as graphics go, collages are beginning to make me nauseous. Images and links are lovely, but kind of superflous, don't base your page around them. Hole consists of four members, not just Courtney Love. And they make fabulous music. Devote time to the music, talk about it, dig up some new information. Give a decent discography, for God's sake. When people search for Hole, they want lyrics, and album information, etc. Don't forget, there's going to be a lot more people online searching for the afore-mentioned lyrics, etc. Someone might find a page with pretty graphics and think the site looks promising in the information department, don't disappoint them. Give the people what they want. Image galleries are nice, but should be secondary. And scan your own images, don't steal ones from other sites you like for yourself. That's just sad. As well, something like a huge list of banner links, seems pointless to me, when all the sites there are on a search engine and quicker to load. You're scraping the bottom for ideas when you resort to that as your claim to fame.

Oh yeah, when doing an images page, don't use the entire 200K or whatever image as its own thumbnail. It's slow and annoying as heck. Resize them with a graphics editor or use descriptive text links. Don't be lazy.

Also, watch your spelling. Actually read what you type, and don't use silly AOL abbreviations ie. z's for s's. Don't deliberately misspell words, it makes you look like an illiterate boob.

Webmaster/Webmistress No-No's

Public relations with other webmasters is always important. All of this accusing and badmouthing of other sites for silly reasons is getting quite annoying. It's childish. Here's what you should stay away from:

Stealing- Stealing from other Hole sites, ie: taking images, original graphics, HTML code, etc..

Idea theft- No webmaster appreciated being robbed of their own original ideas. For example, site design and layout. DO NOT make a carbon copy of someone else's frames, graphics, link colors... This is just sad and proves how much of a boob you are because you can't think for yourself.

Badmouthing- Do not tell other people to send other webmasters hate mail or sign rude things in their guestbook just because you're pissed with them. This is not kindergarten. Grow up.

Accusing- Don't wrongfully accuse. Not many people are that forgiving. Make sure you have proof and all of the facts before you try to have someone burned at the stake.

Don't Be Stupid- Don't go around looking for trouble, for you will find it and it won't be pretty in the end.

Be Careful- Most Hole webmasters have a select group of other webmasters they're friends with. Messing with one of them will usually get you in over your head with their friends as well. And let me tell you, a Hole site with status can obliterate you. It's sad but true, and it's not something you want to screw with if you value your site.

In closing- Hole sites should be for the fans, not just an ego trip for the webmaster.

Good luck in your travels. Feel free to email me with comments and suggestions, or sign my guestbook.

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